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Fraud & Forensic Events

At CCS, we understand the critical significance of continuous professional education tailored to individuals within the fraud prevention, detection, and investigation functions. Our commitment is to provide top-tier CPE credits focused on a wide range of crucial areas, including understanding the fraudster's mindset, segregation of duties, usage of A.I., creating effective anti-fraud controls, monitoring for suspicious activities, understanding "Red-Flags," and creating an effective corporate culture.


Our meticulously designed CPE events are aimed at enhancing expertise in fraud detection, prevention, and investigation. Specific subject matter includes detecting fraud using A.I., bank fraud, procure-to-payment fraud, business email compromise, forensic accounting, investigations, ethics, and vendor management. Whether you prefer live webinars or in-person sessions, our training events offer invaluable insights and practical knowledge to enrich your skills and propel your career.


Explore our offerings, select an event to expand your professional knowledge and skills, and stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Learn from expert instructors and earn essential CPE credits to further your career growth.

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