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Government Auditor Series

At CCS, we recognize the paramount importance of continuous professional education tailored to individuals with government organizations and their external auditors. Our focus is to provide high-quality CPE credits specifically designed to meet the needs of external auditors using the GAO Yellow Book, chief audit executives, chief compliance officers, audit managers, audit supervisors, internal audit staff, internal control professionals using the GAO Green Book, program quality professionals, compliance professionals, board members, and other professionals dedicated to driving continuous improvement and ensuring organizational sustainability.

Our CPE events are meticulously crafted to enhance expertise in GAO Yellow Book auditing, internal auditing, GAO Green Book internal controls, NIST and CMMC cybersecurity programs, and PMBOK project management training. Whether you prefer live webinars or in-person sessions, our training events offer valuable insights and practical knowledge to elevate your skills and propel your career within governmental organizations.

Join us to stay ahead of industry trends, expand your knowledge, and earn essential CPE credits for your professional growth. Select one of the events below for your next CPE training event and continue your professional growth.

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