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Welcome to our immersive CPE event: "Mastering the Craft of Internal Audit Report Writing". This unique learning experience is meticulously designed for those dynamic professionals who are eager to perfect the art of composing influential and potent internal audit reports.


Our aim is to enhance your skills in writing internal audit reports that not only communicate effectively but also foster meaningful changes. We'll guide you in creating an optimal internal audit report format, shaping a roadmap for improvements that boost your organization's productivity and efficacy.


In this vibrant and interactive learning space, we will decode the essential components of crafting persuasive audit reports. You'll acquire the knack of translating intricate data into coherent, persuasive, and professional narratives - a quintessential skill in today's fast-paced business world.


But we don't stop at theory - we bring it alive with tangible examples and case studies, showcasing the practical implementation of these principles. Whether you're an auditor seeking to polish your report writing acumen, or a professional aiming to articulate audit findings more effectively, this course extends priceless insights and actionable wisdom.


By the end of this enriching event, you'll gain more than just the know-how of crafting effective audit reports. You will be able to create the right intenral audit report format for each situation. You'll master the finesse to present complex data in an engaging and comprehensible way, equipping you to compose impactful audit reports that spur action and ensure adherence to organizational norms and regulations.


Each participant will be awarded 8 CPE Event Hours (YB) and a certificate of completion.


So, why wait? Register for this enlightening CPE event and elevate your audit report writing abilities. Together, let's embark on this thrilling voyage of knowledge and advancement!

Art of Internal Audit Report Writing

  • Offered on Wednesday-Thursday once every six weeks in two four hour sessions for 8 CPE credits.

    The sessions will run from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Central Time Zone. There will be a lunch break from 12:00 noon to 12:30 p.m. each day.

    We can schedule private events on your timetable for two or more attendees.

In the event you haven't seen an email from confirming your registration land in your inbox, there's a chance it might have taken a little detour into your spam, junk, or quarantine folder. If you could take a moment to peek in there and kindly mark it as "not spam" or “not junk,” that would be fantastic. On the off chance that your firewall is being a bit overprotective and preventing the email from even reaching your spam folder, please don’t hesitate to give me a ring at 479-200-4373. I’m here to ensure everything’s set straight for you.

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