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Auditing Cybersecurity Programs




24 CPE - In-Person Event

About the Course

This in-person CPE event gives the internal auditor the background needed to understand the components of a Cybersecurity Program and how to assess its effectiveness.

This timely, valuable training covers the history of cybersecurity risks, types and motives of cyber attacker to further your knowledge of current and emerging threats to organizations and individuals.

Key terminology, system concepts and tools will be examined as to design, assess, and improve your cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest internal control areas that need executive attention.

You just received an urgent call from the CEO. An e-mail was received demanding $10M Bitcoin to be paid as ransom to unencrypt the company's data. "Oh no! Maybe if we audited the organization's Cybersecurity program and controls before this happened, we might not be in this mess!" Sound familiar?

Hundreds of Security, Compliance and Audit professionals have faced this dilemma. As we know, cybersecurity breaches occur throughout the world on a daily basis, and many are unreported. ALL organizations are vulnerable...including our most "secure" government agencies, financial institutions and public utility companies. A comprehensive cybersecurity program is an absolutely essential component of a system of internal control. How can you assess its effectiveness? Have you conducted an audit? What are the common and not-so-common deficiencies? How can we improve our "security resiliency"?

Please join us for this valuable in-person, interactive training, and allow our expert instructors to carefully guide you as to how to assess the controls and processes of your organization's cybersecurity program. We will transfer our knowledge of this important topic to you in an educational, enjoyable manner. We will provide you with the information to enhance the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program.

This comprehensive in-person event is designed for Internal Auditors, Compliance Analysts, Security Officers and Administrators. Let's learn, grow, and enhance our Security effectiveness! Sign up now! This course is designed for professionals experienced in working with internal controls and ERM programs.

Each attendee will receive 24 NASBA CPE hours. Government attendees will satisfy their Yellow Book (YB) requirements. A Certificate of Completion will be provided at the conclusion of the class.

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