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Mastering the Art of Organizational Change


In the dynamic tapestry of today's world, change is not merely a backdrop; it serves as the very essence that propels organizations towards growth and resilience. It ensures that they don't just weather the storms but also emerge stronger, ready to seize new opportunities and tackle challenges head-on. At the heart of navigating this constant state of flux are internal auditors and internal control professionals, whose roles are pivotal.


Change, an unyielding constant, demands our attention. Whether it emerges from the critical insights of an audit or from risks that push us beyond our comfort zones, it calls for a considered response. In these defining moments, the profound impact of internal auditors and internal control professionals becomes evident, shining through their contributions towards driving meaningful transformation.


With this understanding, we extend an invitation to you for a transformative two-hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) event. Our agenda? To explore and master various methodologies for orchestrating organizational change, with a spotlight on Dr. John Kotter's acclaimed Eight Steps to Organizational Change.


Discover What Awaits You


This session is crafted for those who lead, those who inspire change, and anyone who believes in the transformative power inherent within their organization. Diving deep into Dr. Kotter's innovative framework, we'll uncover the core of each step, its practical relevance, and how you can leverage these insights to catalyze change within your team or broader organization.


Why Should You Join Us?

  • Expert Insights: Be guided by experts deeply versed in the nuances of organizational change, offering you a firsthand exploration of Dr. Kotter's Eight Steps.
  • Interactive Learning: Participate in lively discussions, examine real-world scenarios, and engage in exercises designed to solidify your understanding and application of these principles.
  • Actionable Strategies: Leave the session armed with tangible strategies and tools, ready to initiate meaningful change within your organization.


Session Overviews


Change management methodologies stand as beacons, offering structured pathways to guide individuals, teams, and entire organizations through the complex terrain of change.


These frameworks are essential, aiming to reduce resistance, foster engagement, and ensure a seamless transition. Here's a glimpse into the methodologies we'll explore:

  • Kotter's 8-Step Change Model
  • ADKAR Model by Prosci
  • Lewin's Change Management Model
  • McKinsey 7-S Model
  • Bridges' Transition Model


Each methodology presents a unique perspective, recognizing that change encompasses more than procedural steps—it's about understanding and navigating the human response to new ways of thinking and working. Mastering these approaches can profoundly influence the success of change initiatives, cultivating an environment ripe for adaptability and enduring resilience.


Who Will Benefit?


This session is indispensable for anyone tasked with leading or managing change. Whether you're at the helm of your organization, guiding a team from the middle, or spearheading initiatives on the ground, the knowledge and skills imparted will empower you to act as a beacon of change.


Secure Your Place


We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to an enlightening session, one that promises not only to inspire but to arm you with the practical tools necessary for leading change with authenticity and effectiveness. Join us on this journey.

Orchestrating Organizational Change

  • Offered every six weeks on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Central Time in two CPE-Credit event.

    We can schedule private events on your timetable for two or more attendees.

    NASBA Program Disclosures

    Program Level of Understanding: Basic
    Prerequisites: None
    Advance Preparation: None
    Delivery Format: Group Internet Based
    NASBA Field(s) of Study: Business Management & Organization
    CPE Credits: 2, based on 50 minutes of instruction per hour

In the event you haven't seen an email from confirming your registration land in your inbox, there's a chance it might have taken a little detour into your spam, junk, or quarantine folder. If you could take a moment to peek in there and kindly mark it as "not spam" or “not junk,” that would be fantastic. On the off chance that your firewall is being a bit overprotective and preventing the email from even reaching your spam folder, please don’t hesitate to give me a ring at 479-200-4373. I’m here to ensure everything’s set straight for you.

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