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Auditing Social Media - IP




4 CPEs

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About the Course

Definition: A social media management audit is a series of steps taken to evaluate and optimize critical processes supporting the social media strategy.

Performing a social media audit can help any organization to stay on top of its virtual presence. Conducting a social media audit is a key part of managing the operational risks within this social media driven world. You will hear sensible solutions to controlling the chaos that comes with social media connections.

Social media needs to be managed properly with internal controls to reduce the inherent risks it creates. Completing a social media management audit answers several questions about the relationship between an organization and its virtual audience including:
- Do policies align with and promote good practices?
- Are the appropriate virtual assets being acquired?
- Do processes adequately mitigate reputation risks?
- Is access security adequate?
- Are there sound controls over the use of virtual assets?

The internal audit of Social Media can have within its scope:
- What are the "irregularities" that the auditor needs to be looking for?
- Are the Facebook posts being properly approved for content and consistent with our values?
- Do we fact check all social media posts?
- Are there virtual profiles that are not in line with an organization's marketing plan?
- Are the virtual assets aligned with the organization's mission statement and values?
- Are controls in place to disposed of virtual assets?

This timely, 4 hour CPE training event is designed for the experienced internal auditor and others who have to create a realistic assessment of the Social Media assets of an organization.

Each attendee will receive 4 CPE Hours (YB). A certificate of completion will be provided.

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