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Join us for an insightful event, "Managing Information Security (ISO 27001)", where we will provide an overview of the ISO 27001 standard. This event aims to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively start improving the management of  information security within their organizations.


ISO/IEC 27001 is a globally recognized standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It establishes a systematic and risk-based approach to managing sensitive information, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. By implementing ISO 27001, organizations can enhance their resilience against information security threats and demonstrate their commitment to protecting critical data assets.


During this short webinar event, we will cover key aspects of the ISO 27001 standard, including:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of ISO/IEC 27001: Gain insights into the purpose and scope of the standard, its benefits, and its relevance in today's cybersecurity landscape.
  • Implementing an effective ISMS: Learn about the requirements and processes involved in establishing an Information Security Management System aligned with ISO 27001. Explore strategies for identifying and assessing information security risks, selecting and implementing appropriate controls, and conducting regular audits.
  • Incident management and response: Discover best practices for handling information security incidents and events, including timely detection, reporting, and effective response mechanisms. Understand the importance of incident management in maintaining the security posture of your organization.


By attending this event, you will not only gain an understanding of ISO 27001 but also this internal control training course will provide each attendee with 2 CPE event. This event is designed to provide practical insights and valuable guidance to professionals involved in information security management.

Managing Information Security (ISO 27001)

  • Offered every six weeks on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Central Time in two CPE-Credit event.

    We can schedule private events on your timetable for two or more attendees.

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