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Ask, Get, Perform

Biweekly on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. Central Time in one CPE event

Do you struggle with asking clients the right questions? Inquiry and observation are two of the most important internal auditing skills. The ability to ask appropriate questions is powerful.

Curiosity is the cornerstone of internal auditing; it requires auditors to ask a lot of questions. Continuously questioning clients is difficult. This course provides the tools you will need to effectively ask questions.

"Ask, Get, Perform: The Auditors Essential Guide to Asking Better Questions, Getting Better Answers, and Performing Better Audits" is a new book just published by the instructor of this CPE event, Robert Berry. You can get a copy of this book at Amazon.

Often auditors know what to ask, but many struggle with how to ask and how to listen.

This session is designed to arm auditors with the tools necessary to create and sustain effective client communications through questions.

This timely, four hour CPE training event is designed for the internal auditor and others who wish to improve interviewing tradecraft skills.

By the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

- Identify and discuss the five elements of effective questions
- Understand the power of questions
- Identify and understand client personalities
- Describe and avoid the barriers to asking good questions
- Utilize a five step approach to ASK better questions, GET better answers, PERFORM better audits

The retail cost of the online 4 CPE internal auditor training event is $240 for the first attendee.

Each attendee will receive 4 CPE Hours (YB). A certificate of completion will be provided.

Program Level of Understanding: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advance Preparation: None
Delivery Format: Group Internet Based
NASBA Field(s) of Study: Auditing
CPE Credits: 4, based on 50 minutes of instruction per hour


Tradecraft, within the internal and external auditing communities, refers to the techniques, methods and technologies used in modern financial and internal auditing and generally, as part of the activity of creating assurance. This includes general topics or techniques (interviewing, for example), or the specific techniques of an organization (the particular form of performance improvement (Lean Six Sigma), for example).


Robert Berry will be the instructor and he is known as "That Audit Guy".

Robert believes the ultimate goal in business is to improve people, processes and profits. Every organization exists to make some sort of profit. Behind every profit is a series of business processes that must be in sync. But behind every process is a person. People are the heartbeat of every organization and need to be developed and supported.

Robert has spent the better part of his career trying to bring out the best in people. As a result, you will find that his training courses are practical and actionable. The compelling content typically contains good visuals to stimulate recall along with clear and concise language. As a service provider, Robert's approach is honest yet empathetic. The internal audit function and management can work together to evaluate processes in an organization to bring out the best in everyone.

Robert has worked as an auditor and an accountant in small and multi billion dollar organizations. You will find the standard alphabet soup behind his name (CPA, CIA, etc), but improving people, processes and profits is what matters most.


CPE Event Highlights

This virtual event reviews and answers the following questions:

  • Why are internal auditors doing all these interviews?

  • How interviewing is an important tool to get to the "Facts"?

  • What are the steps in doing an interview?

  • How is the best way to structure questions?

  • What questioning techniques improve the auditor's interviewing performance?


This virtual event covers a number of concepts that lead to better interviews, including:

  • Curiosity is the cornerstone of internal auditing.

  • Curiosity requires auditors to ask a lot of questions.

  • Continuously questioning clients is difficult.

  • Sometimes clients are uncooperative.

  • Sometime we do not know what to ask.

  • Other times we do not know how to ask.

  • Asking effective questions is one of the most difficult internal audit tasks.


Learning Objectives

Attendees will:

  • Learn how to perform better audits.

  • Understand how to use a five step approach to interviewing.

  • Learn how to use the Ask, Get, Perform methodology.

  • Understand the five critical elements that interview questions must have.


Key Issues on the Agenda

  • Concerns With Questions

  • The Elements For Quality Questions

  • Types of Questions within Your Toolkit

  • Questions For Successful Audit Report Issues

  • A Five Step Approach To Quality Questioning