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Cybersecurity Tools and Techniques for the Auditor




18 CPE

About the Course

This CPE training event gives within the webinar the attendee the background information needed for an internal auditor to understand cybersecurity programs and the products and services commonly used in any Cybersecurity program.

The training event prepares the internal auditor to approach auditing cybersecurity program.

CCS covers the history of cybersecurity, key terminology, basic system concepts, cyber tools to further your knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals and how they are mitigated.

"How can we implement a holistic approach to cybersecurity?"

"What methodologies, policies, technologies, and specific tools can we deploy to prevent, detect and monitor cybersecurity threats"?

"How can we build a more effective program?"

As more data breaches are disclosed, cybersecurity is at the forefront of Boards, executives, employees and consumers. Breaches are a continuing threat to an organization's reputation through the disclosure of intellectual property and non-public, confidential information. Organizations must remain vigilant in their attempt to prevent a cyberattack and minimize the damage once it occurs. We must raise the awareness of threats and harden our defenses.

As attacks develop, so does the stakeholder awareness and defensive tools available. To help you be more proactive in maturing your cybersecurity program, we created this training academy based on the best practices or tools to improve cybersecurity at your business.This training program focuses on the policies and software tools needed in a the effective modern cybersecurity risk management program.

The program is divided into the following tool groups:
Hardware security.
Data encryption at rest.
Around-the-clock monitoring.
Cybersecurity education.
User Access.
Phishing threats.
Two-factor authentication.
Intrusion detection systems.
System and application items.
Insider threat protection.

This comprehensive training course is for anyone who wants to have a strong base of knowledge and understanding of the essentials of cybersecurity risk management.

This timely virtual CPE event is designed for the project director, project leader and individuals who have to create effective set of cybersecurity program tools and the related documents.

Each attendee will receive 18 CPE Hours (YB). A certificate of completion will be provided.

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