Infotech Global is a professional services firm with diligent, agile and responsive associates. We focus on managing business risks associated with business and Information Technology (IT). We specialize in internal auditing, security, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention and detection, and project management. We improve your business by improving your internal control.

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Welcome to The Accountware Group. Our mission: To Help Our Clients Successfully Implement and Use Accounting and Allied Business Accounting Software Applications in an Ever Changing Business Environment.

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AuditNet® ( is the premier Web portal for integrating the Internet into auditing. The site contains resources, tools and links including audit work programs, questionnaires, checklists, audit guides, audit topical index, job listings and much more.

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Jim Kaplan, Publisher

Spafford Global Consulting, Inc. has a website which is the home of a newsletter on matters of technology management, economics and quality. In addition, it provides access to the many articles, templates and presentation created by George Spafford.

George Spafford, Publisher

Dan Swanson & Associates is a for-profit venture that focuses on the development and sharing of knowledge that improves the capability and "capacity" of organizations and its leaders. publishes a daily email newsletter covering articles of interest to internal auditors and others focused on compliance issues.

Dan Swanson, President & CEO

Audimation is in the business of helping public accounting, commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, and government agencies operate more efficiently and effectively by providing data analysis expertise and software tools to clients throughout the United States. Audimation is the U.S. Business Partner with CaseWare IDEA, Inc. IDEA is a powerful, easy to use, productivity tool that can quickly and accurately read, manipulate, sample, or extract data files from almost any source mainframe to PC.

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The Training Registry is a comprehensive resource directory. It is used to locate: training companies, programs, videos and materials, consulting services, keynote speakers, coaches, training facilities for rent, books, and more. Find thousands of topics & courses covering all delivery methods including instructor led onsite & publicly scheduled and online training, CD/DVD, videos, print based materials, etc.

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Connecting People who Want to Learn with People who Love to Teach

We do so by providing a valuable forum that assists training providers in reaching potential students, and gives students a powerful educational decision-making resource.

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